DOMIN a KUŠICKÝ - BIO BIO is not just marketing brand

"If winemaking, then ECOLOGICAL..."

When Ján Domin founded his family winery in 1996, his goal was to create wines that faithfully reflect the terroir, wines with soul, and to share them with good people. All this goes hand in hand with a clean environment without a hint of chemistry or pessimism.

He strived for harmony and elegance in the cultivation of the vines and the production of wine. For him, organic was not a marketing brand, but a necessity. He didn't want to describe the wines, he wanted them to speak for themselves.  

Today, the NATURAL VÍNO Domin & Kušický winery is run by his daughter Diana and her husband Tibor.

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Domin a Kusicky - o vinarstve - EN
Domin a Kusicky - o vinarstve - EN


The organic vineyards of the Domin and Kušický winery are characterised by a simple screen with a 3 m x 0.8 m wide staple, in places 1 m. The vineyards thus breathe naturally and are aerated, but require quality pruning and precisely executed green work.

Weeds are removed mechanically by mulching, weeding, pulling and hand hoeing. Of the sprays, only contact sulphur and copper products are allowed, but in limited quantities. 

The exact specification of terroir is: Central Slovakia wine-growing region, Modrokamenský and Vinický rajón, the municipalities of Veľký Krtíš, Modrý Kameň, Dolné Plachtince and Vinica. 

Why is this important? On every label of the Domin and Kušický winery you will find the abbreviation D.S.C. - "Districtus Slovakia Controllatus", translated as "Wine with a protected designation of origin of the highest quality from Slovak appellations". This is the most that can be offered to wine lovers, i.e. identification and the exact place of birth of the grapes in the vineyards.


Vineyards in Velký Krtíš and its surroundings form the basis of the VÍNO NATURAL Domin & Kušický winery.

References to the locality "Na viničke" date back to the 14th century.

The area of the Viničky vineyard is 20 hectares.

Domin a Kusicky - o vinarstve - EN
Domin a Kusicky - o vinarstve - EN


The vineyard in Modrý Kamen, Katovka track, was planted in 1998 and is the first registered organic vineyard in Slovakia. It is located at an altitude of 350 m above sea level, has an area of 3 ha and is planted with the Chardonnay variety.

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