Angel Wines - extraordinary wine, created with true love

A winery that has come a longer way than it may seem at first glance. The idea of owning his own winery was planted in the owner's mind at a young age and the desire to make it happen led him to winemakers in Australia, where he learned his first skills and gained valuable knowledge.



The Way to Wine

The owner of the winery, Mr. Vlado, has no one in his ancestry who was involved in wine processing, but he was so enchanted by the transformation of grapes into wine that he decided to start producing it.

The idea of a family winery was the brainchild of a father and son, but unfortunately sad events occurred and Mr. Vlado lost his son. To live up to his dream, he named the winery Angel Wines, translated as angel wings, so that his son would be with him forever.



For the basics to Australia

In order to get to work, he needed to start educating himself, seeking information and gaining experience. His daughter, who lives in Australia with her husband, who is from Italy and runs a restaurant there, helped him with this.

So he went to see them in Australia and, because Italians are known for their love of food and wine, he got a lot of valuable advice from them. He joined the team at a local winery for a few months, where he gained more experience and knowledge on how to approach grapes and wine. With great enthusiasm, he returned to Slovakia and there he slowly began to put into practice everything he had learned in the other hemisphere.


angel wines

The first wine and now an award

The first wines created, Pinot Blanc 2016 and Dunaj 2015, were awarded silver medal in the Vinalies® Internationales 2017. With this came the much-needed impetus for future work.

And although Angel Wines is a short-lived winery, it certainly has a lot to offer on the wine market.


Get recommended

If we may advise, be sure to start with the light summer wine Riesling 2017 , a light yellow-green wine with a delicate golden rim, with aromas of summer apples, juicy citrus fruits and dried herbs, which has defended its taste with a gold medal.

The Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 is the next in the line of gold medal winning wines. A wine whose primary fruit notes of plum and blackcurrant with subtle wood expressions are very delicious and structured. And dark chocolate and prune with fine tannins show their beautifully elegant velvety flavours.

And for wine lovers with fruity undertones and fresh full-bodied flavours, we recommend the Irsai Oliver Frizante 2020. The wine is golden yellow in colour with a lighter shade, with expressive aromas of elderflower and hawthorn, supported by pleasant fruity nuances of apricot, citrus and bergamot essential oil.



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